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Scent of family lures dog home

By | May 22nd, 2014|Categories: Lost Pets, Pet Advice|Tags: , |

When many Bay Village residents were preparing for and finalizing Fourth of July festivities, family, friends and many with compassionate hearts were pounding the pavement in search of a Bay Village beagle named Brutus. Brutus has storm and firework phobia like many other animals and his family, the Pullmans, and rescue volunteers knew that time was of the essence since firework displays were set to go off all around the area. Some said prayers to patron saints like St. Francis, St. Christopher and St. Anthony to please keep this little dog safe and bring him home. The city was plastered with flyers, email blasts, social media and no sightings. The dog's bed and food were left out on the porch with the light on, and still nothing. Rescue contacts encouraged the family to fan out efforts, resulting in a sighting in Westlake. A humane, large dog trap was delivered to Westlake Police, but Brutus sightings were not consistent enough to set the trap. Cue a clever beagle lover, who considered how search and rescue canines work and suggested the family hang out laundry and create a scent trail home. Brutus's mom, Darcy Pullman, left recently worn T-shirts and some pillow [...]

Accommodating barking bikers

By | February 10th, 2014|Categories: Advocacy, Pet Advice, Pet Safety Tips|Tags: , |

With the warmer weather upon us, perhaps you are thinking about taking your canine companions on a bike ride. Here are some healthy safety tips, links and suggestions for doggie apparatuses for your outing. Riding on the sidewalk is the safest place to be for you and your pooch and the highly recommended turf per safety forces. Options to consider based on the size, age and type of dog(s) include a bicycle dog leash, bike trailer, or a bike basket. Dog trainer and behavior consultant Susan Sarubin penned an excellent article in Whole Dog Journal about bike riding with your dog.  The in-depth article features information on getting started, equipment for the cyclist and dog, initial training, starting to ride, where to ride and cycling for non-athletes. "Sometimes, the safety precautions that we take to protect both humans and our companion animals may seem so cumbersome that they take all the fun out of some of our activities," Sarubin writes. "But when it comes to the health and welfare of your dog when accompanying you on bike rides, taking the appropriate safety measures can potentially save your dog's life, as well as your own. Training, using proper equipment and adhering to sensible exercise practices [...]