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Retractable Leashes: Dangerous And Deadly For Dogs And Humans

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Consumer Reports first sounded the alarm, “Retractable leashes pose problems for people and their pets,” and it’s no exaggeration. Retractable leashes are wildly popular and are sold at every pet store or available online. People often choose them thinking it will give their dog a little extra freedom to sniff and poke around on walks. Unfortunately, the upside to this type of leash is far outweighed by the risks they pose. A retractable leash is a length of thin cord wrapped around a spring-loaded device housed inside a plastic handle that fits comfortably in a human hand. A button on the handle controls the amount of cord that’s extended. As that cord plays out, the dog is less confined to walking beside you. Some cords extend up to 26 feet. A dog at the end of a retractable leash can get far enough away from their human to get into trouble–able to run into the street or to make uninvited contact with other dogs and people. If your dog is on a retractable leash and approached by an aggressive dog, it’s hard to get control of the situation. It’s easier to protect an animal on a standard leash than one [...]

Kasich signs bill allowing breaking into hot vehicles to save kids, pets

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COLUMBUS (WDTN/WCMH) – Governor John Kasich signed a bill into law Tuesday that protects a person who breaks into a hot car to save a minor or a pet. Senate Bill 215 allows people to force their way into a locked vehicle if police are not able to get there in time. The law does come with some limitations, however. The person must call 911, they must check to see if the door is unlocked and if they feel it is an emergency they can break into the vehicle. Senate Bill 215 doesn’t take effect until August 29, but it’s already getting praise from animal advocates. “As the temperature warms up, we start getting a lot of calls about dogs in cars,” said Elysse Rathbone, Humane Agent for the Capital Area Humane Society. Hundreds of dogs die each year after being left in a hot, sweltering car. And increasingly, small children are dying after a parent forgets the child in the backseat. But before breaking out a window, a Good Samaritan must prove the pet or child is in danger. “You absolutely do have to call the police department in order to be able to move forward,” said Rathbone. “You [...]

July Fourth Fireworks: Awesome for Humans, Terrifying for Pets

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Loud noises can terrify pets, so don't include them when celebrations will include fireworks. The HSUS. Many people enjoy the booming sounds and flashing lights of fireworks, but they can be terrifying and overwhelming for pets, and possibly hazardous. On the Fourth of July, so many pets are frightened and try to escape the sights and sounds that animal shelters around the nation report a dramatic increase in lost pets during the holiday. Help your pets keep their cool: Follow our four steps for making them safe during loud—and hot—warm weather festivities. 1. Keep your pet safely away from fireworks Our pets are more sensitive to loud noises, flashing lights and strong smells, so on the Fourth of July (and the days around it when people are likely to set off fireworks), it's best to leave your pets safely indoors, preferably with a radio or TV turned on to hide jarring noises. Even pets who are usually kept outdoors should be brought inside. And if you are going to an Independence Day event and cannot leave your pet unattended at home, keep her leashed and under your direct control at all times. 2. If your pet is scared [...]

The Importance of Canine Socialization!

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When dogs are properly socialized they are more confident and less stressed through their entire life. Dogs are context thinkers and learners.  Which means, they learn as a matter of the result and/or situation.  The best time to start exposing dogs to socialization is during the critical stage known as imprinting.  This is typically at the age of  eight to twelve weeks old.  However, it is important to always keep socializing your dog and doing this activity in different locations and situations.  Never stop socializing and exposing  your dog to new situations! When exposing your dog to new situations keep it short, upbeat and give lots of high value treats.  Always keep your dog under control and safe. Exposure to adults and children is a must.  However, timing and making it positive are important too. Photos courtesy of David Speaker, Probizwriters (2016) Here are just a few safe suggestions for locations to socialize: Obedience classes, parks, events, parties, pet store and shopping centers. Take your dog inside the bank on a leash well controlled, give some easy commands and leave. Obedience classes referred by your veterinarian offer the best opportunity to insure success. Have fun!  Remember positive repetition and consistency!  Be [...]

New Ohio law lets first responders treat injured animals

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - A new law in Ohio allows firefighters and paramedics to administer first aid to dogs and cats rescued from house fires, car accidents or other crisis situations. It's one of the first of its kind in the country. Animal advocates say they hope the law removes hesitation for first responders who might have concerns about tending to injured pets. Previously, only licensed veterinarians could treat animals, even in emergency situations. posted from NewsNet 5

Pharrell – Happy (Puppy & Doggy Version)

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Stay tuned for our canine socialization tips!

Governor Kasich Scheduled to Sign Goddard’s Law

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COLUMBUS - Goddard's Law was passed by the Ohio House and Senate last month and is one step away from becoming official. Governor John Kasich is expected to sign the bill into law on Monday, June 13th in Columbus. Goddard's Law, or House Bill 60, makes it a felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal. Named for Cleveland Fox 8's Dick Goddard and his effort to protect pets, the bill was sponsored by Democrat Bill Patmon and Republican David Hall and championed by Amy Beichler, Executive Director of The Public Animal Welfare Society (pictured with Governor John Kasich and State Representative Bill Patmon)

Tips for dogs and deer in springtime

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In springtime mother deer can be protective and territorial. If you approach with off leash dogs, your dogs may get a surprise charge or kick, and you may end up with a big vet bill. To avoid mishaps, stay clear of deer when they may be protecting their young and leave unattended fawns alone.   Deer attacks dog in graphic scene caught on video Deer attacks dog in graphic ... while defending their two dogs from an irate deer. The dogs were ... and you're the one at risk of serious injury or ... If your dog is not trained well on the recall command ( come, leave it) or you do not have proper/secure containment, canines are well known for chasing deer for miles and becoming lost. Train your dog consistently on the recall command.  Make sure to practice this training technique in different environments and with distractions.  Use a long soft cloth leash when doing your initial training so should your canine companion bolt you have a better chance of stepping on or having the leash get caught up on debris.    Remember to always use one word commands,  great treats and lots of positive praise for  immediate results.  Never [...]

Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS Ohio) is Key Player in Passage of Animal Cruelty Legislation

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COLUMBUS, Ohio May 27, 2016 House Bill 60 or, as it is referred to in Ohio, Goddard's Law, has passed the Ohio Senate and House and is now awaiting the formal signature of Governor John Kasich. The new law will make it a fifth-degree felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal. Amy Beichler, Executive Director of The Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS Ohio), along with Cleveland's Fox 8 Weatherman, Dick Goddard, for whom the new law is named, have been active for over four years in pursuit of the passage of this bill. “This has been a long and hard road with many obstacles along the way” Beichler stated yesterday. “But, thanks to the efforts of concerned and caring individuals like Dick Goddard, State Representatives Bill Patmon and Dave Hall, and Ohio Senator Larry Obhof, we were able to get this extremely important piece of legislation passed for companion animals.” The Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS Ohio), centered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a 40-year-old, nonprofit organization whose mission is to rescue and foster companion animals in an effort to find them permanent homes. Beichler, who has led the organization for over 12 years, has championed the [...]

Urge your representatives to oppose HB 166.

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A dangerous bill is being considered by the state legislature that would represent a huge step backward in the fight against puppy and kitten mills. If enacted, HB 166 would prohibit localities in Ohio from enacting ordinances to prevent inhumanely bred puppies and kittens from being sold in local pet stores. This would allow puppy mills to continue to flourish and would strip Ohioans of their right to know where the pets sold in pet shops are really coming from. Please take action today by urging your representatives to oppose HB 166. Thank you for speaking up for animals. Together, we can Save Them All.