Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

You want the best for your dog – especially when it comes to his food. You read labels and try to choose the brand and formula that will nourish your furry friend.

That’s why you’ll be as shocked as I was, to discover that dozens of today’s top-selling brands – names you thought you could trust, like Beneful, Pedigree, Purina and more – may not contain the wholesome, healthy ingredients you want for your dog.

Take Beneful. The package makes it look like manna from heaven with a healthy pup, fresh veggies, and what look like real chunks of meat. Unfortunately, the pictures make the food seem better than it is. The reality is this stuff is AWFUL for your dog. It’s full of sugar, artificial colors, and 3 unnamed animal sources. And very little vegetables.

Or look at Kibbles ‘n Bits Bistro Meals Grilled Chicken Flavor. If only it contained the grilled chicken they show on the bag instead of loads of low-quality ingredients and “animal digest” – the real source of the chicken flavor.

Another terrible food is Pedigree Complete Nutrition for Adult Dogs. Made with an inferior, cheap source of protein, it’s a wonder it could maintain any dog’s health – much less an adult dog’s!

And wet foods fare no better than dry…

The label on Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy Homestyle with Beef makes it look like big pieces of beef covered in gravy. But if this is your dog’s dinner, she’s getting some of the lowest-quality sources of protein, held together by wheat gluten! Even Iams ProActive Health Chunks is full of by-products that are often linked to all sorts of health problems.

Is your dog’s food full of used restaurant grease?
When you see “animal fat” on a label – you probably think chicken skins or beef trimmings. But, pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use all sorts of low-quality fats, even USED RESTAURANT GREASE, as generic fat sources. To make sure your dog gets healthier fats, look for labels that use a named species of animal as a source of fat, like chicken fat or duck fat.
What’s more, you could be paying for healthy ingredients that aren’t even in the bag. For example, because omega-3 fatty acids are so healthy, dog food manufacturers started adding DHA and EPA (highly beneficial fatty acid supplements) to many dry foods. However, they are notoriously fragile and short-lived. Plus, exposure to oxygen makes them turn rancid – and potentially dangerous – very quickly.
So, how do you know which foods can help boost your dog’s health and even add years to his life – and which ones you never want to put in his bowl?
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How dry dog food causes cancer!
When manufacturers add low-quality ingredients imported from places without adequate safety oversight, and low-cost ingredients that are often shipped and stored without refrigeration – it makes it easy for these ingredients to become rancid. Rancid fats destroy the nutritive value of the proteins and vitamins in food so much, your dog can suffer from deficiencies even though he is eating well. What’s worse, these rancid fats can cause diarrhea, liver problems, arthritis, heart problems and even cancer! Don’t risk your dog’s health. Subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal now.
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• The problem that makes heartworm medication toxic for many Collies and related breeds.
• Help keep your dog seizure free without medications or side effects! (Remove THIS common dog food ingredient from your dog’s diet!)

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• Does your dog eat poop? We explain why he might do it and most important – how to get him to stop this disgusting behavior!
• Is your dog aggressive around other dogs or fearful of kids? We’ll give you strategies to help her stay calm and happy in stressful situations.
Stop your dog from darting across the road!
Teaching your dog this recall method could literally save his life. To develop an emergency cue, you’ll want to use a unique word, different from your regular recall cue, and one that you must be prepared to reinforce with extra special rewards EVERY TIME. Avoid words that you already use frequently, such as “Come,” which commonly has consequences to your dog that are less than enjoyable, such as “Come inside and stop playing!” Then you’ll want to practice this recall as often as possible and charge it with very high-value treats. Get the best dog-training tips and techniques in The Whole Dog Journal! Try it RISK FREE now.
Plus, when you use the positive, humane techniques revealed in The Whole Dog Journal you’ll actually be strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

The Whole Dog Journal is the Consumer Watchdog for ALL DOGS!
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4 harmful ingredients you’ll find in nearly every big-brand dog food!
Here are the 4 ingredients you DON’T want to see on our dog’s food label – or at least at the top of the list.
1. Added sweeteners like sugar and corn syrup. Adding unneeded sugars is how manufacturers trick dogs into eating foods comprised mostly of grain fragments and little of the animal protein that would be healthier for them.
2. Artificial preservatives, such as BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin. Natural preservatives like tocopherols (forms of vitamin E), vitamin C, and rosemary extract are healthier options.
3. Meat by-products or poultry by-products. These lower-cost ingredients are more likely to be handled in ways that can promote rancidity, which is harmful to your dog’s health.
4. Artificial colors. These added chemicals do nothing for your dog. They’re only in there to make the food look better to you!
You get in-depth product reviews that reveal… Which dog toys contain hazardous chemicals and where you can get safe, nontoxic toys… Why electronic, underground fences aren’t safe for your dog… The comb that’s best at pulling out mats and knots in fur… Fun LED balls that are perfect for night time play… An ingenious product that REALLY WORKS to slow down dogs who bolt down their food… And my own favorite, an incredible hands-free leash that’s perfect for runners or anyone with more than one dog!

The Whole Dog Journal helps you save money and keep your pet healthy. Did you know you could be paying 1000% more for your pet’s medicines than you need to? We’ll show you 7 ways to save BIG on medications – you can start by using your AAA card.
Type of collar that can cause serious injuries – even death.
Dogs with “belt-buckle” style collars that have to be pulled tighter to get them to release, could find themselves or their playmates in dire straits. Dog play often involves nipping and biting around the neck. But if one dog gets his jaw stuck in the other dog’s collar the resulting tension can strangle the dog. Editor Nancy Kerns witnessed this exact event with a neighbor’s dog. Luckily, someone had a pair of sharp scissors and was able to cut the buckle off, freeing the now unconscious dog (who luckily lived). To protect your dog, have him wear a quick-release collar, or go “naked” when playing with other pups. For more ways to keep your best friend safe, subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal today!
Plus, you’ll discover:

• The simple remedy that helps shrink fat lumps (lipomas) naturally!
• How to recognize the signs of hypothyroidism in your dog – a condition many vets may miss.
• How to stop your dog from bolting across a busy road. This cue is a lifesaver.
• A powerful, tasty supplement you can add to your dog’s diet that will improve many health problems.
• How to fight dementia in dogs with walks, games, and by teaching them new tricks!
• How to use catnip to end your dog’s gas problem.
The vaccines that can ruin your dog’s health.
The American Animal Hospital Association lists only 3 vaccines as “core vaccines” – distemper, parvovirus and adenovirus – and they specify these should NOT be given to adult dogs more frequently than every 3 years. Excessive vaccinations can aggravate autoimmune disease and cancer. If a boarding kennel operator or training school asks for proof of more recent vaccinations, ask if you can provide an antibody titer test that shows your dog is properly immunized, instead. For the best in alternative and natural health care for your dog subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal today!
And because no two dogs (or their humans) are alike, we always give you a variety of ways to train, feed, and help your dog to better health.

Let’s face it. No matter how many “dog years” are in a human year – it’s never enough. That’s why as dog lovers we all want to do everything we can to keep our best friends healthy and here with us for as long as possible. And that’s exactly the information The Whole Dog Journal will put in your hands every month.

That’s why I’m urging you to start your RISK-FREE subscription right now!

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re trying to train a tiny toy Poodle or a massive Mastiff… whether you’re looking for the safest, natural ways to improve your dog’s health, want to know the best foods to give him, or find the best toys and gear for your money, The Whole Dog Journal delivers the knowledge you need.

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