Animal Cognition – Investigating the mental capacities of animals

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Want to learn more about what goes on in the heads of animals? Visit to read some of the most interesting articles about animal cognition and what we can learn from them. Investigating the mental capacities of animals.  Animal Cognition (.org) explores research on the mental capacities of animals: how animals think, solve problems, understand concepts, communicate, and empathize. We are an independent web publication focused on producing articles and other types of media that help the public develop a better understanding of animal minds. This site was founded and is run by Amanda Pachniewska. If you would like to get in touch, you can send an e-mail to editor[at], or use the contact form below. Animals That Can Outsmart HumansComparing animal cognition to our own is tricky business. Animals have differently tuned senses and use them in sometimes radically different ways than we do. In some cases, there simply is no commeasurability. Yet, there are still situations in which we can sensibly demonstrate […] Secret Geniuses: 5 Animals that are Surprisingly SmartWhile they may not be known as the smartest animals in the world, these 5 animals are unexpectedly brainy. This list of surprisingly smart animals examines the intelligence of five underestimated species. [...]

Dog signs to be displayed in city

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Attached is the sign that was shared at city council last night that will be displayed in several locations in the city.   These signs will be put up once the weather is consistently warmer and in the following locations: Heinens, Bvpd, Bay Square Shopping Center, CVS, City Hall, BV parks (parking lots ) Some BV businesses have requested them for their front windows. Friends of the Bay Village Kennel purchased and will replenish this signage in our efforts to educate residents and visitors the dangers and consequences of leaving pets unattended in vehicles with windows up and in warm weather. Thank you, Nancy Brown

ASPCA News Alert

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After Shocking Abuse, Jamie is Finally Given Her Chance to Shine When Jamie was rescued, she was emaciated and soaked in urine. She spent six months recovering before she found the perfect home. Don’t miss sweet Jamie’s remarkable story of recovery. Lawmakers Cuddle Up to Adoptable Pets at Paws for Love Puppy love was in the air on Capitol Hill this Valentine’s Day as members of Congress and their staff spent some quality time with adoptable cats and dogs during the fifth annual ASPCA Paws for Love celebration.   Picture Perfect: Young Girl’s Photos Help Local Shelter Animals Find Homes After rescuing three small rabbits, 11-year-old Hailie dedicated her time—and photography skills—to her local Humane Society to promote adoptions and enrich the lives of the available animals. Read more about Hailie’s selfless commitment to animals in need. Special Delivery! ASPCA Brings Foster Kittens to L.A. Offices In an effort to promote our life-saving L.A. kitten foster program, a team of ASPCA workers, along with volunteers and one very special celebrity guest, spent Valentine’s Day visiting offices in Los Angeles with tiny kittens in tow. See the adorable pics! Moving Toward More Humane Restaurants Kudos to Happy Valley Meat Company for its commitment to [...]

Tell the USDA to stop protecting animal abusers

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Animal welfare advocates rely on the transparency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to publicly post regular inspection reports on thousands of commercial dog breeding operators, Tennessee Walking horse show participants, roadside zoos, aquariums, circuses, research labs and other facilities regulated under the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and Horse Protection Act (HPA). On February 3, the USDA purged its website of all these reports with no warning or explanation. This outrageous action undermines longstanding consensus about public access to information concerning these laws and frustrates public interest, state, local and industry efforts to help enforce them. Animals held in research facilities and puppy mills are shielded from public view, therefore these records are essential to ensure that these dogs, monkeys, rabbits and other animals are receiving basic care. The USDA is changing the equation for the worse for animals and the public with this abrupt and destructive move. Your voice is needed to ensure that these records are restored. TAKE ACTION Please send a message to the USDA and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that they should not be permitted to withhold this vital information and should instead continue to keep those who are responsible [...]

The Humane Society – 2016 Progress Report

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The Ohio State Legislature adjourned on December 30 after a productive two-year session with lots of progress for animals. Highlights from the session include: • The state legislature passed powerful animal welfare reforms, including SB 215, which grants civil immunity to people who forcibly enter a motor vehicle to rescue a pet or child in distress, and HB 60, which strengthens penalties for first-offense egregious acts of companion animal cruelty. • The state legislature also passed a provision that criminalizes bestiality and a significant provision that makes cockfighting a felony offense and upgrades one of the weakest anti-cockfighting laws in the country. • On a local level, Ohio saw the enactment of anti-tethering ordinances in cities and towns across the state. • Unfortunately, a bad provision known as SB 331 passed into law. Advanced by the Ohio-based pet store franchise Petland, this legislation bans local governments from prohibiting the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores. The gains we achieved would not have been possible without calls, letters and other efforts from advocates like you -- thank you! Together, I know we'll make even more progress for animals in the next legislative session. In the meantime, I invite you [...]

OVCA Animal Legislation Update: 131st Ohio General Assembly (2015-16; attached)

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THE GOOD NEWS! SB 215 (Grants immunity to citizens who forcibly enter a motor vehicle to rescue a pet or child) was signed into law by Governor Kasich on May 31, 2016. With its passage, a person is now granted immunity from civil liability for any damage resulting from the forcible entry of a motor vehicle for the purpose of removing a minor or an animal from the vehicle because the minor or the animal is in imminent danger of suffering harm. Many thanks to the coalition of six animal welfare advocacy/rescue organizations - Angels for Animals, Justice for Herbie, Joseph's Legacy, Nitro Foundation/Nitro's Ohio Army and Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates and OVCA - who have worked diligently with OVCA to help craft and support this important piece of legislation for Ohioans! In addition to this new law, language increasing criminal penalties against cockfighting, bear-beating and pitting an animal against another animal (HB 215) was passed as an amendment to SB 331 and signed into law by Governor Kasich on December 13, 2016. Many thanks to everyone who made calls, wrote letters and visited their state representative and senator to help create this positive change for people and companion [...]

Dogs Are Worth More Than Mere ‘Fair Market Value,’ Rules Ohio Appeals Court

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Dogs are not dining chairs or television sets. They’re more than that to their humans. The Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals just took a step toward recognizing that fact officially when it decided damages for an injured pet need to be more than the simple “fair market value” of the animal. The Court of Appeals sent a case back to the Toledo Municipal Court in October 2016 to reconsider the amount awarded to a woman whose puppy was seriously injured by another dog. That puppy was Kingston, a black and white pit bull who lives with Jamie Rego and her family in Toledo. In 2014, when he was a mere 5 months old, Kingston’s own father, Nino, attacked him in his backyard. The incident left poor Kingston with three broken legs and a number of bite wounds. Veterinarians told Rego that Kingston could be saved and have a good quality of life. The cost to do that, though, was a whopping $10,731. That would pay for emergency care, orthopedic surgery, a hospital stay and more. Despite the staggering expense, Rego just couldn’t put him down. “I can’t put a value on him,” Rego told the Toledo Blade about her [...]

Kasich signs bill allowing breaking into hot vehicles to save kids, pets

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COLUMBUS (WDTN/WCMH) – Governor John Kasich signed a bill into law Tuesday that protects a person who breaks into a hot car to save a minor or a pet. Senate Bill 215 allows people to force their way into a locked vehicle if police are not able to get there in time. The law does come with some limitations, however. The person must call 911, they must check to see if the door is unlocked and if they feel it is an emergency they can break into the vehicle. Senate Bill 215 doesn’t take effect until August 29, but it’s already getting praise from animal advocates. “As the temperature warms up, we start getting a lot of calls about dogs in cars,” said Elysse Rathbone, Humane Agent for the Capital Area Humane Society. Hundreds of dogs die each year after being left in a hot, sweltering car. And increasingly, small children are dying after a parent forgets the child in the backseat. But before breaking out a window, a Good Samaritan must prove the pet or child is in danger. “You absolutely do have to call the police department in order to be able to move forward,” said Rathbone. “You [...]

New Ohio law lets first responders treat injured animals

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - A new law in Ohio allows firefighters and paramedics to administer first aid to dogs and cats rescued from house fires, car accidents or other crisis situations. It's one of the first of its kind in the country. Animal advocates say they hope the law removes hesitation for first responders who might have concerns about tending to injured pets. Previously, only licensed veterinarians could treat animals, even in emergency situations. posted from NewsNet 5

Governor Kasich Scheduled to Sign Goddard’s Law

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COLUMBUS - Goddard's Law was passed by the Ohio House and Senate last month and is one step away from becoming official. Governor John Kasich is expected to sign the bill into law on Monday, June 13th in Columbus. Goddard's Law, or House Bill 60, makes it a felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal. Named for Cleveland Fox 8's Dick Goddard and his effort to protect pets, the bill was sponsored by Democrat Bill Patmon and Republican David Hall and championed by Amy Beichler, Executive Director of The Public Animal Welfare Society (pictured with Governor John Kasich and State Representative Bill Patmon)