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One of my favorite recommendations to all pet owners. Available on an app or by request thru some cable companies.  

CLEDOG – July 2017

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DIY Tick Repellent for Your Dog

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Far be it from us to tell you to put pesticides on your dog. But we've never heard of a single nontoxic preparation that was effective at keeping ticks off all dogs. For some dogs, only the potent pesticides seem to keep ticks away. There are, however, some nontoxic products - both commercially produced and homemade formulas - that work to repel ticks well enough to consider using them as part of a comprehensive Lyme disease prevention program. In 1994, botanist Arthur O. Tucker reviewed the scientific literature on herbs that repel mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, and similar pests. He found that opopanax myrrh (Commiphora erythaea), the myrrh of ancient Egypt, has been shown to repel adults of the African brown ear, deer, black-footed, lone star, and American dog tick. Because opopanax myrrh is not widely sold, Tucker speculated that the more readily available common myrrh (C. myrrha) might have similar properties, but herbalists who experiment with live ticks report that of the herbs said to repel them, including myrrh, rosemary, and California laurel, only rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), palmarosa (Cymbagopogon martini motia), which has a similar fragrance, and opopanax myrrh truly repel deer and dog ticks. CJ Puotinen, author [...]


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Summer is here, and we’re hitting the water for some SUPing and kayaking with our pooches! Pick up your copy of CLE DOG magazine’s “on the water issue” starting July 3 at 200+ locations: PetPeople, PetValu, libraries, eateries, coffee shops, vet offices and dog-friendly locations. Find a location near you HERE.

The eyes have it: Why we bond with our dogs like our babies

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Some dog owners treat their dogs like their babies. While this might seem ridiculous to some, a study in Science proves the bond between dogs and their owners can be as emotionally strong as the connection between mothers and their children. It's the latest in a growing body of science that explains how dogs have gained such an important place in human society. “Owner-dog bonding is comparable to parent-infant bonding," writes Takefumi Kikusui, from Azabu University in Japan, via email. "And this is surprising to us … because there is not a reproductive relationship between humans and dogs.” But any dog lover who has gazed into the big eyes of a pleading pup is not surprised. Previously, the researchers had shown the eye connection between dogs and humans increases the levels of oxytocin in people. Oxytocin, aka the "cuddle chemical," is a hormone mammals produce in the brain that encourages bonding between mothers and their offspring. It’s also involved in partner and social bonding. Most evidence shows this kind of connection works within a species — humans produce oxytocin because of other humans, and dogs produce it because of other dogs. But this study is the first to show the [...]

CLE dog May 2017

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The unofficial start to summer has arrived, and we’re ready to trade in muddy paws for paws on the patio! Pick up your copy of CLE DOG magazine’s officialDining (and drinking) with Your Dog issue starting June 1. Available at 200+ locations: PetPeople, PetValu, libraries, eateries, coffee shops, vet offices and dog-friendly locations. Art Fur Animals Like art? Love dogs? This is the event for you! Join CLE DOG at the 13th annual Art Fur Animals benefit and auction for City Dogs of Cleveland on June 6 at 6 p.m. at Cleveland Masonic Temple. Click HERE for ticket information. Yoga to the Rescue How about a little downward dog to benefit rescue dogs? Enjoy free yoga with Soul Stretch Yoga with a donation to Love-A-Stray, and then after your practice, shop dogcentric vendors like Grateful Dog Bakery, Paw Kids and Thank Dog! BootCamp. It’s all happening on July 15 from Noon-4 p.m. at 31142 Center Ridge Road in Westlake. Visit HERE for more info. DOGS IN CARS ARE NOT COOL It’s not cool to leave your dog in a hot car. On a 70-degree day, the temperature inside your vehicle can rise to 89 degrees in just 10 minutes! The City [...]

CLEdog May 2017

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Check out the May 2017 issue of CLEdog.

New Webinar—The Benefits of a Community, Animal Control, and Shelter Supported TNR Program

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Have you considered starting a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program or wondered about its benefits? Wonder no longer! We’re talking all about TNR and how it helps cats and communities in our brand new webinar: The Benefits of a Community, Animal Control, and Shelter Supported TNR Program. This webinar is just one part of our new Animal Care & Control Series in honor of Animal Care & Control Appreciation Month. Whether you’re an animal control officer who wants to make a difference or a citizen who supports TNR, this webinar is for you! Join us and learn how TNR programs work for every part of the community—including cats, animal control, animal shelters, and the public. The webinar includes former animal control officer Alice Burton’s story of how she went from non-believer to advocate after she watched TNR transform her community. You’ll walk away understanding why TNR is the only humane and effective option for community cats—and how every community can do it. Don’t be afraid to take that big, lifesaving step—learn why you should create or support a TNR program! Attend the brand new, free webinar: WHEN: Thursday, April 13, 2017. 2:00 p.m. EST REGISTER: Register for the free session today.


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The only dog magazine in the CLE This “dogcentric” publication is the resource for active dog owners–- from millennials to boomers–living within the CLE (Cleveland, Ohio), and the surrounding Northeast Ohio area. CLE DOG magazine is the pack leader for all things dog, from holistic foods and natural flea prevention, to local celebrity dog owners and patio dining with your pup. The full-color magazine is available for free at pet-oriented and pet-friendly businesses throughout Cuyahoga and Lorain counties, including pet supply stores, veterinary offices, groomers, doggie daycares, training facilities and more. CLE DOG will educate, entertain and inform its dog-loving audience through traditional, digital and social media platforms.

Airport customs hires shelter dog rescued from abuse

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An abused shelter dog is starting a new chapter in life at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport customs department. Murray the beagle came to the Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter more than a year ago, and he was in bad shape, according to shelter director Tammie Jourdanais. Murray had a band on his tail, as if somebody had been trying to shorten it, and half of one of his ears missing. Jourdanais said Murray was brought to the shelter after he had been found outside. "He was very scared and nervous," she said. "You could tell he'd not been socialized much. We just gradually worked with him and gave him more love and attention." After receiving medical attention, Murray then moved to Alcovy Pet Rescue, which placed him in a foster home. There, his abilities truly started to show. "[His foster owner] recognized his ability to sniff and search out food," Yvonne Petty, director of Alcovy Pet Rescue, said. "He was constantly smelling everything and getting into cabinets. He was just very interested in that kind of thing." Friar dog adopted by monastery becomes online sensation Donations from all over the world save cat no one wanted to touch Petty said [...]