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Protect your animal from the sun!

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Below is an article I had published in The Westlake Bay Village Observer (2009).  I believe strongly that is worth sharing as sunny and warmer days are here. Just like humans, our animals are prone to skin cancers and other consequences of the heat.“If we feel hot, they even feel hotter!” According to local veterinarian Stephanie Dean, the main point about dogs and heat stroke is that because of their fur coats and the limited mechanisms of heat exchange (panting and sweating through their feet), if we feel hot, they even feel hotter, especially on those humid Cleveland days. Brachycephelic breeds (example: boxers, bostons, pugs) and overweight dogs and others with health issues are particularly at risk because of their compromised breathing and panting ability. Panting is not an ideal way to cool as it requires a lot of muscle activity, which in turn generates more heat. If a dog's core body temperature remains elevated for a significant amount of time, damage occurs to the brain, blood and organs. A core body temperature of 110 degrees for even a few minutes can result in death.  So be safe and smart and let your canine companion take a dip, offer shade, lots of [...]

Do not let Fido get you a ticket!

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According to the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer, just under 1,200 dogs are current on 2019 county dog licenses for both Westlake and Bay Village combined. That is a significant decline from previous years. At this time the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter is monitoring communities that are or have become non-compliant with keeping current licenses on dogs. However, our dog population has not declined with dogs walking in our communities, visible in our parks, animal hospitals and other professional pet care providers caring for new and multiple pet family members. Alarming is the frustrating and growing presence of "no tags or collar" in animal facilities and on social media. The Ohio Codified Ordinance 955.01 states, in brief: "Ohio law requires owners of dogs to purchase/renew their dog license each year between December 1 and January 31." Fines are applicable for late registration of a county dog license application. Fines from local law enforcement can range from $20 and up per incident. Some municipalities have also retained dogs until the owner could prove or provide proof of a current tag and then been fined a daily charge for the dog being held. Even if you missed the renewal period to purchase a [...]

87-year-old Lakewood woman warned by police for violating retractable leash law ban

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POSTED 5:14 PM, MARCH 27, 2019, BY ROOSEVELT LEFTWICH Watch the video here. LAKEWOOD, Ohio-- She just wanted to take Boo and Lulu on their daily walk. But for Fay Olson, that walk turned into a brush with the law. The Lakewood woman was using a retractable leash, the kind she's used for 20 years. "I was coming down my driveway and he was already parked, waiting for me. And when I hit the sidewalk, he got out of the van and told me I was being illegal. I haven't broken a law in 87 years and now I'm illegal," Olson said. Last year, Lakewood updated its dog ordinance with guidelines for everything from liability insurance to the type of leash you can use. Olson said the retractable leash works best for her because her dogs are trained and they respond well to it. Lakewood city officials declined to comment about the leash part of the ordinance. Retractable leash bans are already enforced in other places, including San Francisco and California State Parks. Veterinarians also caution the leashes can do harm to dogs. Cleveland Animal Protective League President Sharon Harvey said she understands why Lakewood and some cities banned them but [...]