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Fall Pet Dangers

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Helping stray cats: TNR is the key

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Nearly three-quarters of cats who enter our nation’s animal shelters each year are killed. Most are free-roaming, stray or feral cats. Here at Best Friends, we refer to them as community cats. Although some of these cats are adoptable, many more are not. And for unadoptable cats, a trip to the shelter is often fatal. TNR saves cats’ lives Trap-neuter-return (TNR) entails trapping, neutering, vaccinating, and returning community cats to their original outdoor locations. It is not only the most humane method of preventing cats from entering the shelter system, it’s the most effective. TNR also ensures the cats’ health and welfare. Once these cats are sterilized and vaccinated, they can live healthy, happy lives in their communities, where caring residents look out for them. Sterilization and vaccination provide a public health benefit to the community, too, a vast improvement over the failed trap-and-kill approach that’s been used for generations. What is Best Friends doing to help? Best Friends sterilizes, vaccinates and releases tens of thousands of community cats each year, preventing many thousands of births. Support TNR and help reduce the number of community cats, and ultimately the number of cats being killed in America’s shelters. Find a program [...]

Neighborhood Cats

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Neighborhood Cats WE ARE RECOGNIZED LEADERS "In my 16-plus years with the Humane Society of the United States, the nation's largest animal protection organization, I've gotten to know many wonderful people around the world caring for community cats - and the feral-cat rescue group Neighborhood Cats leads the way for street cats in New York City and around the world."  Catster, November 20, 2014 "New York has had prominent neuter/return programs for feral cats for decades, and is home of Neighborhood Cats, one of the most influential organizations teaching neuter/return technique...."  Animals 24-7, December 5, 2015 WE WORK HANDS-ON WITH THE CATS At Neighborhood Cats, all our knowledge comes directly from the cats themselves - we're out there every day trapping, helping caretakers, working with animal shelters, teaching workshops and launching new programs. We have people on the ground in New York City, New Jersey and on the island of Maui in Hawaii. The many thousands of cats we have personally assisted have taught us how best to help the cats and the people who care for them. WE INNOVATE Neighborhood Cats invented many of what are now common practices in the Trap-Neuter-Return field. Mass trapping - the TNR of entire colonies at once - was popularized [...]