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CDC pet guidelines for Covid19

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coronavirus pandemic: CDC updates guidelines for pets By Emily Bamforth, Updated 1:56 PM; Today 1:05 PM A resident wearing a mask walks her dog on the streets of Beijing on Thursday, March 5, 2020.(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)AP CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Outdoor cats should be kept inside during the coronavirus pandemic, and dogs need to stay six feet apart, under new guidelines issued by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Federal officials announced last week that two cats in New York were the first pets in the United States known to be infected with the coronavirus. The United States Department of Agriculture is now keeping a list of infected animals on its website. Both cats showed respiratory symptoms before testing. One cat’s owner had already tested positive for COVID-19. There is no recommendation to widely test animals at this point, and pets have no known role in spreading the virus to humans, according to a federal statement. Federal officials announced on April 5 that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive,as several big cats showed respiratory symptoms. SARS, the coronavirus that bears 80% similarity to the virus that causes COVID-19, infected cats in an experimental setting, but there [...]

Jackie’s Journey

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