Skipper Isabelle’s dog boating safety tips

By | August 13th, 2019|Categories: Cleveland News, Pet Advice, Pet Safety Tips|

Isabelle is a well-weathered skipper on a boat located along the shores of Lake Erie. The word "boat" sends her into a tail wagging and jumping frenzy and is clearly in her mind better than any treat at the moment. The increase of canines aboard boats nationwide and on longer journeys is on the rise. In fact some families find a stray or adopt while yachting. Canine safety and preparation are a must for the skipper and crew embarking on any yachting adventure on any type of boat. Catamarans, sailboats and power boats are a lifestyle that many canines enjoy with family and friends. Research shows 70% of Americans boat with their dogs. Most skippers agree that small dogs are easier to cruise with but accommodating medium to large dogs is certainly possible. Docking, dinghies and ladders present challenges, so have a plan. Just as emergency preparations should be in place for your pets at home, they are also critical when boating. Bring along extra provisions like water, food, sunscreen, first aid kit and personal flotation devices for not just the two-legged but four as well. Isabelle proudly wears her personal flotation device and also has foul weather gear in [...]