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He’s Growling – But What Is He Really Saying?

By | May 30th, 2019|Categories: Pet Advice|

GRRRRRRR...... Unless your dog's protecting you, it's a sound you don't want to hear. But growling is a valuable means of communication for your dog, and it's a language that's important for you to understand. Let Growling be your translation guide. Brought to you from the editors of Whole Dog Journal, Growling - Understanding Your Dog's Language will immediately become an important resource for you by explaining: Why your dog growls (is it stress or pain?) How punishing a growl will lead to biting without warning What easy-to-use techniques will make your dog less compelled to growl Plus, Growling will teach you how to identify your dog's "stressors" (one is a common household appliance!), what to do first if your dog growls, and how to recognize if your dog is resource guarding. Growling is an important part of your dog's speech - learn to understand it and how to prevent it from becoming a bite, with this unique publication. Order your downloadable copy today!   LEARN MORE

The Best Food-Dispensing Toys 2019

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If you're not using treat-dispensing toys with your dog, you're missing out on one of the greatest training inventions of the last 100 years - seriously! These wonderful tools and toys can help you with a long list of dog-training and -management challenges, including boredom-busting, excessively fast eating, high-energy consumption, building mental skills, counter-conditioning, redirecting inappropriate behavior, and much more. In the mid-1980s, when I acquired my first Australian Kelpie, food-stuffed toys were an unknown. A tennis ball was "the thing" - and Keli, my Kelpie, was quite addicted to hers. Then we discovered the Kong. Still perceived primarily as a fetch toy in those days, the hollow, snowman-shaped, hard, rubber toy delighted my dog with its high-flying unpredictable bounces. Almost as good as herding sheep! She switched her allegiance from ball to Kong.   Read the Full Article

Your dog is trying to talk to you. Are you listening?

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Don't ignore him! You can recognize what your dog is saying to you - even what he's thinking - just by learning his body language. Have you ever noticed how a puppy yawns when picked up? He's trying to calm himself down. Have you noticed that your dog barks at seemingly random times - even if he's not a "barker"? This is a reaction to something you've not noticed. Stay alert, and you'll begin to pick up what your dog is telling you - things like… - What stresses him out when he goes outside - "I'm really bored!" - The best time to eat - "Leave me alone!" Decoding Your Dog is a revolutionary book that will show you how to use canine communication techniques to eliminate "bad" behaviors - like seemingly random barking - and encourage "good" ones, such as politely greeting strangers. You'll learn how an eye movement can lessen your dog's anxiety...when a growl isn't aggressive...when that adorable, wide-eyed look isn't a good thing...and the one thing to do that will help your dog calm down when he seems like he's lost it! Don't let a language barrier hold you back from building a better relationship with [...]

What is your dog’s bike style?

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Westlake | Bay Village Observer by Nancy Brown The growing popularity of pups participating with biking enthusiasts has evolved into a growing industry in recent years. A variety of smart and safe canine biking accessories, books, websites and even travel destinations are available for the potential barking buddy biker. Barking bikers of all sizes can now safely join family members and friends on this adventure because of education on precautions to take including the importance of training, conditioning and proper equipment. It is essential to have your dog thoroughly examined by a veterinarian to rule out any condition that could inhibit this new activity. Certain breeds and body structures are not recommended for biking on a leash or attachment next to the bike. This would be puppies and senior dogs, along with those 30 pounds and under, flat nose breeds, and dogs with short legs or long bodies. There are accessories like sturdy baskets and towing devices at bike shops and online for these canine types to safely participate. A padded, well-fitting harness is clearly safer for the dog cruising next to the bike. Reflective and other attire add-ons are great safety choices to consider. Check out cooling vests/collars and [...]

Clean it up and be responsible

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Two recent dog incidents prompted me to write this to educate readers about a couple of dog laws that, if not complied with, can lead to health and environmental issues. Incident number one: A Bay resident found significant bags of dog waste tossed over a bridge and in a creek as he was doing yard maintenance. This prompted the resident to look back on home security footage to witness the repeat offender daily tossing dog-waste-filled bags in the creek. This person was less then two blocks from a park entrance that greets everyone with trash cans. Incident number two: Bay Village Police received a complaint about an adult walking dogs on a regular basis during the day and repeatedly putting full dog-waste bags in a street sewer. The Bay Village codified ordinance states: "It shall be the duty of all persons having control of animal to curb such animal and immediately remove all feces and dispose of same in sanitary and safe manner." Canine waste contaminates water and is not a fertilizer. EPA studies show canine waste pollutes waterways. The EPA categorizes it the same as oil and mine run-off. The Clean Water Campaign released these facts about pet waste [...]