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Beagle Freedom Project

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Winter Pet Protection Tips

By | March 2nd, 2020|Categories: Pet Advice, Pet Safety Tips| Winter pet protection tips by Nancy Brown Here are tips to consider to keep both you and your pets safe and comfortable this winter: Check the hood of your car. Felines often sleep in wheel wells for warmth. If your cat is an outdoor community cat, offer shelter. Amazon has heated cat houses or you can provide them with a dry, draft-free shelter that the cat can move around in freely, stuffed with straw and raised a few inches off the ground. Provide extra food and water. Pets, like humans, deplete energy in keeping warm. Check bowls often for freezing. If you walk your dog make sure both of you have reflective material on. Obey the leash laws. Keep your dog on a leash that is made for his size and strength. Cloth and leather leashes are a safer choice versus a retractable. Understand the wind chill: it impacts humans and pets alike. Bundle them up too. Go for shorter walks, leave them at home and not in the car, and know that pets are prone to hypothermia and frostbite just like you! Watch for chemicals used to melt ice. Use a damp towel to gently wipe paws before [...]

Helping your new pet adjust to your home.

By | March 2nd, 2020|Categories: Pet Advice, Pet Safety Tips| Helping your new pet adjust to your home after adoption by Nancy Brown Pet experts agree that most rescue pets, new puppies and kittens take three weeks to adjust and acclimate to the new environment and family members' routines. They also need time to figure out the pecking order in the home. If there is not one they will seize it. Preparing your children, home and yard to create a safe environment are a must. Reputable rescues will do a home visit and sometimes require pictures of your home and yard with an online application or interview. If you have standard fencing, check for loose boards and low or high spots; install locks and signs for gates. If you use electronic containment check for breaks in the line and only use recommended batteries for collars and change them as required. For fence jumpers you might consider electronic containment within your fence or safe tethering so the dog does not get hung up on the fence. Collar styles should be given consideration if your pet is a fence jumper too. Spend time bonding, training and exercising with your pets. Establish routines for consistency and comfort level. This will minimize anxiety [...]

St.Francis Attitude

By | March 2nd, 2020|Categories: General| A St. Francis attitude all year long by Nancy Brown Typically in October, Christian churches honor the famous, beloved St. Francis of Assisi by having pet blessings. But did you know that St. Francis is not just the patron saint of animals, he is also the patron saint of stowaways, the environment and ecology? He was a friend to the poor, calmed and blessed an attacking wolf and his quotes are well documented and used each day. Researching St. Francis' biography, I learned that he was an Italian Catholic friar, deacon and preacher. He founded the men's Order of Friars Minor, the women's Order of St. Clare, the Third Order of St. Francis and the Custody of the Holy Land. St. Francis is considered one of the most venerated religious figures in history. Heightened awareness of present our environment and ecology made me wonder what would St. Francis say or do in current times. It is documented that he believed "that nature was the mirror of God. He called all creatures his brothers and sisters." He preached to and about animals. St. Francis wrote in his Canticle of the Creatures about the moon, the sun, wind and water. Because [...]

Canine Cancer and lawn chemicals

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Canine Cancers Linked to Lawn Care Chemicals Kate Harveston March 13, 2018 Most dogs love being free to run in the yard, especially if they’ve spent all day inside. It’s good exercise for them, but unfortunately, it could also be hurting them too. Could your yard — or your neighbors’ — be killing your dog? Many homeowners use fertilizers to give their yard a bright green hue. The same fertilizers that keep grass healthy and thriving may also be hurting animals, including our pets. The effect may not be immediately obvious, but the chemicals create lasting health problems once ingested or absorbed by animals. Read on to learn more about how canine cancers have been linked to lawn care chemicals. People may assume that fertilizers get washed away in heavy rain or completely absorbed by the grass, but much of it ends up on the paws of free-roaming pups and other wildlife. If given the opportunity to learn about the dangers of lawn care chemicals, more people may avoid using them. Lymphoma and Lawn Chemicals Pet owners know their dog better than anyone else, which is why it’s so important for all dog lovers to keep an eye on their [...]

Robin Swoboda

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By Robin Swoboda, For the Beacon Journal Posted Feb 27, 2020 at 7:13 PMUpdated Feb 29, 2020 at 11:19 AM The arrangements were all set. I would be at their house in Mogadore for what I thought was a meet-and-greet on a Saturday afternoon. I was filled with excitement and trepidation as my granddaughter, Layla, and I made the 30-minute drive, seat dancing to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams while belting out the chorus. It’s our favorite song. “Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Because I’m happy. Clap along if you know what happiness is to you. Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do.” In truth, I hadn’t felt very happy at all lately. If you have followed my column and crazy life for any length of time, you know that I have had three beloved dogs that I’ve had to put down in as many years. First it was Lulu, my 5-pound heart with fur. She used to sit on other people’s laps just so she could stare at me. I joked that she was “memorizing my face,” which she [...]

Dog Parks

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am not a Dog Park advocate. October 8, 2015 | Jill Kessler Miller AND HERE'S WHY: I don’t recommend dog parks. Not ever. The list of things that can go wrong is so long that it completely outweighs the possible attributes; note I say “possible,” because the positives are, in my opinion, only theoretical. First, dog parks are rife with disease, especially giardia. Soft stool, diarrhea that comes and goes, horrible gas? ​Have your vet run a test for giardia. And then, of course, there’s kennel cough, as well other fungi, viruses, fleas and worms. Second, I have seen way, way too many dog bites that have occurred at dog parks for my personal comfort. Mostly to other dogs, but also to people who reach in to break up a dog fight or a to grab their dog out of harm’s way. Even though signage clearly says “Enter at your own risk” and admonishes entrants that the liability they’re undertaking is their own, lawsuits more than often ensue. They’re never simple, they’re always stressful and it may threaten your homeowner’s insurance coverage in the future. But let’s look at it from a dog’s point of view. Dogs thrive on stable relationships. Notice I did [...]

Pets are children’s toys,

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Maleah Stringer column: Pets are not toys for children Maleah StringerFor The Herald Bulletin Feb 27, 2020 1 A man brought his dog to the Animal Protection League last week. He was very upset about having to surrender his dog; he had had him for four years, but it bit his child and he couldn’t have that. Engaging him in conversation, we learned valuable information. We learned that this is a very loving dog. We also learned that they allowed their child to poke, hit, pull on the tail and ears, climb on and tease the dog. He also admitted that the child was teasing him with food and the dog was simply trying to get the food and instead bit the child. And so, because this owner chose not to teach his child how to humanely interact with a pet and respect boundaries, this poor dog is scared out of his mind in a very stressful shelter. By not teaching these things to his child, he is also putting his child in danger. If he continues to interact with animals in this manner, at some point, he could be badly hurt. Now we have one more dog to find [...]

Death of a pet

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Losing a pet is not easy for us. Pets are most often seen today as a fellow member of the family. It is not surprising then to learn that most people grieve a pet’s passing as much, and sometimes even more, than the passing of a human friend or family member. What makes the passing of a pet so hard? How can we better cope with it? Some people think that it’s silly to grieve over the loss of a pet. Those people either never had much of an attachment to any pet, never had one growing up as a child, or never really experienced the unconditional love and affection that only an animal can provide. Whether they die from illness, an accident, or had to be euthanized, losing a cat, dog, or other beloved animal is a traumatic event. Even if the death was expected due to old age, the loss of their constant companionship is hard to put into words. It’s like a large hole is in your heart, and nothing in this world will ever be good enough to fill it as your lost pet did. Having our companion euthanized can be especially difficult, even when we [...]